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New York Chapter Inc.

Welcome to the New Day School Alumni Association, NY chapter, Inc. website.We are glad you are here.

Our site is dedicated to bringing you information on the NDSAA, our Alma Mater and our members’ and supporters’ achievements as it relates to New Day Junior and Secondary School and the Association.

The membership is dedicated to supporting New Day school and its students through various fundraising efforts, scholarships and programs.  Our hard work has been recognized and appreciated by those we serve and this has encouraged us to forge ahead in a challenging environment to work even harder to ensure that New Day students and staff are supported as they continue to strive for excellence in education and personal development.  Producing students equipped to navigate the paths to success will do much to ensure their future as well as, the future of the communities in which they live and serve.


Our Vision

New Day School Alumni Association’s vision is to strengthen the commitment of the alumni group to provide financial and educational support for students, helping to provide a stimulating and safe learning environment with innovative amenities, accessible resources, and developments in the provided curricula. Our ultimate goal is to maximize individual potential and, through enforcement of our core values, ensure all students are well-equipped and empowered to meet the challenges of education, work and life ahead in a rapidly changing global environment. With this in mind, we strive tirelessly to amplify the learning experience of each and every student, subsequently improving reading, math, and science scores, and ensuring that all students graduate at a higher level — no child left behind.

Our Mission

Our commitment is to provide educational tools and financial support to the students of New Day Primary and Junior High School. We will provide the students the opportunity to improve their education, attain their full potential, as well as, become valuable contributors to both their community and society. Partner with the school, other community based organizations to achieve these goals.

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Thank you for your interest in joining the NDSAA. Let’s work to create a better tomorrow for our future generation.  We look forward to welcoming you to the NDSAA family and you becoming an active member.